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How to Burn Green Firewood

Green wood is still wet. The natural fluids that are part of living plants have not yet seeped and evaporated out. Wet wood causes two problems when it comes to building a fire.

It’s harder to burn, and when it does burn it smokes a lot more than dry wood. For getting a green wood fire started and keeping it burning, it’s a pretty simple process.


Things You’ll Need

  • Green firewood
  • Matches or lighter
  • Dry paper
  • Pocketknife


Ways to Burn Green Firewood

Burn Green Firewood

Lay a fire-starting bed. Crumple up several pieces of dry paper and lay them close together.

Use your pocketknife to shave small pieces of bark onto the paper until there’s a layer of wood shavings over the papers.

Use your pocketknife to create a second pile of shavings and smaller pieces of wood ranging in size from your finger to half of your hand. Keep this pile within arm’s reach but not near enough to catch fire on its own.

Light the paper in four corners. If you’re using an enclosed fireplace, light the back corners first so you won’t be reaching over the fire.

Blow gently on the fire bed until the bark shavings are burning with flames, not just glowing red or smoking.

Feed the other wood shaving in, getting progressively larger until you have a fully involved fire.

Place your smallest full piece of wood on the fire. Blow on the flames until the wood catches with full flames.

Stack other pieces of wood near the fire. The heat will help them to dry and be able to catch more easily when their time comes.

Monitor your fire.

Green wood fires will in general go out more frequently than flames made with all around prepared wood.

On the off chance that the fire begins passing on, include more wood shavings and blow onto the rest of the blazes.


Tips & Warnings
If you’re camping with children, use all responsible safety precautions to prevent them from getting burned. When you’re done with your fire make certain it is completely extinguished before you leave the area.


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