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How to Boost Self Confidence in a New Profession

Landing a new job often means a pay increase, a new set of career goals and the thrill of a new challenge, but the prospect of starting fresh in a new workplace can be a daunting task, shaking the confidence of even the most capable employee.

In a new job environment with unfamiliar roles, personalities and responsibilities, it is important to focus on your own strengths in order to enter your new profession with confidence.


5 Steps to Boost Self Confidence in a New Profession

Self Confidence in a New Profession

1. Determine your personal brand by assessing the strengths that helped you get the job in the first place.

Take inventory of your years of experience, your marketable skills and past success. As your confidence wavers, flip through this list in your mind and remind yourself that you are a capable employee hired for your own set of abilities.


2. Prepare for your first day at the new job.

Map out your route to work, estimating any extra time needed to compensate for traffic and unexpected delays. Wake up early and prepare a nutritional breakfast, giving yourself enough time to eat and think about the day ahead.

Put together your work outfit the night before the job begins to reduce time spent deciding between a blue tie and a red one.


3. Establish a set of career-related personal goals in your new profession.

Make long-term and short-term goals that are attainable but concise. Monitor your progress and assess the performance of other workers to ensure that you are working at a pace appropriate to your workplace. Celebrate when you reach goals and replace them with new goals to keep yourself moving forward.


4. Observe office culture and participate in daily and weekly activities.

Go to lunch with coworkers, chat up the boss and volunteer to serve on work committees. Developing strong interpersonal relationships in the office can help build confidence as you enrich friendships and find mentors to guide your professional growth.


5. Strengthen your weaknesses by seeking to learn all that you can about unfamiliar aspects of your new profession.

Take an active role in your own education on the job and assert yourself as an eager learner. Your boss will likely take notice and you will gradually gain confidence as your knowledge base expands.



Tips and Warnings

  • Develop daily affirmations to help motivate and inspire you.
  • Avoid office politics and gossip. They will distract you from your work and foster an environment of negativity.


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