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How to Bond With an Unborn Baby

Though you won’t be able to hold your baby in your arms, rock her or stare into her tiny eyes until she’s born, you can still form a bond with your little one while you’re waiting for her to make her grand entrance into the world. Communicating with your baby before she’s born is a powerful way to start creating a relationship with your child that will last long after she’s grown. Most bonding activities cost nothing and can be done wherever you are, making it easy to start the process while you’re eagerly awaiting your baby’s arrival.


5 Steps to Bond With an Unborn Baby

Unborn Baby


1. Talk to your baby.

Your baby can hear sounds, including your voice, and conversing with your little one is a powerful way to bond. Tell your baby about the nursery you’re creating for him and who is eagerly awaiting his arrival. You might also read him some of your favorite stories from childhood or play him some of your favorite soothing music with headphones held up to your belly.


2. Relax and take time to sit and feel your baby moving around inside your belly.

Many mothers feel an immediate bond with their unborn babies as soon as they feel those first kicks. Place your hand on your belly and revel in the feeling of your baby kicking or pushing against your hand.


3. Eat a healthy diet.

Not only will you be giving your baby the best nutritional start to life, but you’ll also feel incredibly close to your little one as you choose foods that supply her with the nutrients she needs to grow and develop. Taking proper care of your unborn baby will fill you with feelings of attachment and protection, which increases the bond between you.


4. Write letters to your baby.

Outline your dreams for your little one and tell him whatever is in your heart. The act of writing down your thoughts and feelings will help you bond with your baby, and it will also create a keepsake to share with him when he’s older.


5. Name your baby.

Even if you just give her a nickname, such as “Sweetie” or “Little One” until you’ve chosen her real name, you’ll feel a bond with her as you refer to her with a name because it gives her a tangible identity.


Tips & Warnings
Encourage your partner and other children to bond with your unborn baby, too. Ask them to talk to your baby and tell him anything they think is important. After birth, your baby is more likely to recognized his loved one’s voices if he hears them regularly.



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