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How to Beat Pregnancy Fatigue

You’ll probably find that your energy levels fluctuate greatly during your three trimesters of pregnancy. From the exhaustion of the first, to the energy burst of the second and finally, the weariness of the third, when fatigue hits it can make you feel sluggish, tired and lethargic at any point during your pregnancy. By listening to your body — and allowing time for extra rest — you can effectively beat pregnancy fatigue and have more energy.


7 Steps to Beat Pregnancy Fatigue

Pregnancy Fatigue

1. Schedule naps into your day, if possible.

Even a short, 20-minute nap can be enough for you to get rid of some of your fatigue and feel more focused throughout the day. Try finding a quiet place and setting an alarm on your phone so you don’t oversleep, but still get a few minutes of extra rest each day.


2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, suggests the March of Dimes.

Even if you feel too tired to go for a walk, exercise can actually release hormones in the brain that make you feel more energized. Even something as simple as walking around the block or doing a 30-minute prenatal yoga video can help you feel less fatigued.


3. Talk to your OB/GYN before you begin an exercise routine — she can offer suggestions based on your condition and any limitations that you may have for safe, beneficial exercise.


4. Pack lunches and snacks that give you the nutrition you need to stay energized.

Both fruits and vegetables contain complex carbohydrates that burn slowly and give you energy. Avoid foods and drinks that offer artificial energy, such as caffeine and candy, warns FamilyEducation.com. While you might get a short burst of energy, it will quickly slump, leaving you more tired than ever.


5. Carry water bottles and low-sugar juices to stay hydrated — The College of William and Mary suggests aiming for 64 ounces each day to ward off dehydration, which could be a cause of fatigue.


6. Assess your schedule and see where you’re able to cut back, suggests the American Pregnancy Association.

While you can still enjoy the things you loved before pregnancy, a jam-packed schedule can make you feel stressed and tired. Cut out unnecessary things in your schedule, and ask for help so that you have more time to rest and less stress overall.


7. Get comfortable at night so you have a better chance at sleeping all the way through.

Waking up at night because you’re uncomfortable and need to use the restroom can make you feel tired the next day. By investing in a comfortable body pillow or other pregnancy sleeping products, you can get comfy — even if you still need to wake up and use the bathroom.


Tips & Warnings
Talk to your doctor if your fatigue is paired with depression or insomnia, which could be the signs of everything from a nutrition deficiency to a mental disorder.


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