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How to Be Self-Confident at 40

Self-confidence is a key quality for every part of your life at every stage of your life. People with high self-confidence have the faith in themselves necessary to take risks and try new things. They tend to be more successful because they make more attempts.

What’s more, other people can instantly sense and respond positively to high self-confidence, which leads to even more success, whether it’s socially, professionally or personally. It’s never too late to start building your self-confidence, so if your 40th birthday is behind you, you can still start today to change your life.


4 Ways to Be Self-Confident at 40

How to Be Self-Confident at 40

1. Take a Risk

This doesn’t mean driving on the wrong side of the freeway or ceasing to wear a seatbelt. Rather, it means taking small, harmless risks. Look a stranger in the eye for thirty seconds; say hello to a person at a crosswalk.

The worst thing that can happen from these is that the stranger will think you are kind of weird; if you do this often enough, you will start to internalize the fact that a stranger’s feelings are not really relevant.


2. Exercise

Do yoga, go for regular walks or runs, lift weights or do anything that makes you sweat a little and gets you moving around. This will release endorphins, which will make you feel happier and more and more self-confident as you reach your exercise goals.

If you write down how well you do every day (how much weight you lift, how far you run in how long) you will have an empirical, quantifiable source of information as to how much you are progressing. This will make you feel better about yourself as you will have concrete evidence as to how strong, fit and healthy you are.


3. Act Confident

People around you can’t usually tell between real confidence and fake confidence; if you fake confidence, people will respond to you as if you are actually confident, which will in turn increase your confidence. This is a “fake it ’til you make it” idea.


4. Think and Act Positively

Whenever something happens, think of it in positive terms. This doesn’t mean that everything has a positive spin available, but most things do. If you don’t sweat the small stuff, you’ll realize how much of the stuff actually is small, which will make you worry less and be more confident.


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