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How to Be Positive in the Midst of Tough Events

When you feel down and seemingly cannot pick yourself up, there are a number of ways to turn your negative mood into a positive one.

You can do so by practicing the appreciation audit suggested by Dr. Dan Baker, director of behavioral medicine at the National Center for Preventive and Stress Medicine and author of the book “What Happy People Know.” An appreciation audit enables you to learn what psychologists call a “perceptual shift.”


5 Steps to Be Positive in the Midst of Tough Events

How to Be Positive

1. Put sticky notes with quotations or phrases that make you positive somewhere you often look, such as the refrigerator door, kitchen cabinets, your desk or your computer.

There is free computer software available for download that lets you put digital sticky notes on your computer desktop.


2. Write motivational and inspirational quotations that you can find on such websites as Quotation Page, Quote Land, Motivate us and Happy Publishing.

Record any quotations or phrases you want to remember.


3. Find at least one thing that makes you smile each day.


4. Reserve three to five minutes, preferably three times each day, to think about something that you appreciate.

Spread this exercise throughout the day, perhaps morning, noon and night.


5. Keep a journal after each appreciation audit session.

Write what you realize you appreciate and how it can play positive roles in daily life when things are tough. Keep the journal handy so you can refer to it whenever needed. Recording your thoughts as they occur is the best way to remember them. Also, writing your thoughts may help you organize them.


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