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How to Be Confident and Stick Up for Myself

Learning to become confident is never an easy task, and if someone is bullying you or bossing you around, standing up for yourself becomes even harder.

Luckily, standing up for yourself and having more confidence go hand in hand; by working on your confidence, you are directly affecting the way you carry yourself and speak to others. Once you know you are worth fighting for, sticking up for yourself will come naturally.


5 Steps to Be Confident and Stick Up for Myself

Be Confident

1. Begin asking the people in your life how their day is going, and become more interested in their lives.

When other people view you as a caring person, you’ll start to believe them over time.


2. Make an effort to stop criticizing yourself.

Cut blooming negativity short by assuring yourself that you deserve to be happy and love yourself, no matter what you’ve been through in life or what you look like.


3. Look into people’s eyes when you are speaking to them, and keep your back straight.

The eye contact combined with the good posture will give you a solid, confident appearance that will discourage people from picking on you.


4. Speak with a clear, strong voice.

This will only portray more confidence and show that you are not afraid to speak your feelings.


5. Stick up for other people.

After finding it within yourself to help those who are like you, sticking up for your own self will seem much easier.


Tips and Warnings

  • Seek support and help from loved ones and online communities if you are struggling through the process.
  • Don’t expect to change overnight. Building confidence is a skill that takes very hard work and perseverance, and it may take a little or a long time for you to find inner peace with yourself.


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