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How to Be a Sensual Woman

The word “sensual” can often erroneously be equated with being sexual. Being sensual, however, can mean a variety of things, depending on the person. It can simply mean that you are fully experiencing what your senses have to offer.

Becoming a sensual woman, then, can be a matter of allowing yourself to be stimulated by your surroundings as well as fully aware of your sense of smell, sight, taste, touch and hearing.


5 Steps to Become a Sensual Woman

How to Be a Sensual Woman

1. Follow Your Nose

Your sense of smell, also known as the olfactory sense, is closely linked to memory and emotion. Smell an item of clothing of a loved one, stop inside a building you used to frequent, such as a school or a library, and allow yourself to be taken by recollections and feelings that the smell invokes.


2. See Your Surroundings More Vibrantly

Looking at things is one thing, but seeing involves looking deeper. Look deeply at something that inspires you, whether it is something in nature, a work of art or someone you love and allow yourself to be overtaken by the act of seeing.

Take moments during the day to appreciate your surroundings, to find at least one thing that pleases your visual sense. Make your home environment more pleasing to the eye so that it feeds your senses.


3. Taste Something Delicious

For women, it is a complete cliché of sensuality to suggest a bite of something chocolate, but it can be anything that provokes a sensory reaction. Try going to a gourmet restaurant, where the cuisine is carefully prepared and has many layers of flavors for you to enjoy.

Alternatively, taste something as familiar as a family recipe or as foreign as an ethnic cuisine you’ve never encountered. Sometimes shocking the senses is more sensual than reintroducing the familiar.

Try something that you think you don’t like or something that you’re not sure you will like and observe the effect that it has on you.


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4. Touch What is Around You

Run your finger carefully along a sharp object to feel how sharp it is. Stroke the soft fabric of a velvety chair. Drag your hands along fence posts as you walk by. And, most importantly, enjoy these sensations. A sensual woman feels and reacts to touch.


5. Be an Active Listener

Let yourself be swept away by a piece of music or put on a song you know very well and really process the lyrics. When you are outside, stand still for a moment and listen to the wind rustling in the trees.

Hear the cars pass by and close your eyes, focusing on all the different sounds; try to compare the sounds you hear to the sound of ocean waves.


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