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How to Be a Lamaze Coach

Being a Lamaze coach requires much more than urging the mother-to-be to “Push,” or telling her “You can do it,” and feeding her ice chips. Developed by Dr. Fernand Lamaze in France in 1951, Lamaze incorporates techniques he observed in Russia.

Use the techniques to help your pushing and yelling friend or loved one through her labor.


4 Steps to Be a Lamaze Coach

Lamaze Coach


1. Take your role seriously.

It is an honor to be asked to be a Lamaze coach, but it is a serious job. The job involves more than encouraging words and wiping sweaty brows. You must handle many hours of your friend in pain while remaining a help to her.


2. Prepare in advance.

Attend Lamaze classes with your friend or loved one. Read books and literature about the subject. Being a Lamaze coach is not a job you walk into with no preparation. You need to be prepared for what you are about to experience with the expectant mother.


3. Communicate.

Your job as a Lamaze coach is to communicate and help the expectant mother. You must communicate your feelings to her as well. If you feel overwhelmed or tired, you must tell her.


4. Listen.

Listen to what the mother-to-be is saying and what she is not saying during labor. Be aware of her needs. If she is having difficulty trying to communicate to the medical staff, be in tune with her needs and get her the help she needs.


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