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How to Be a Calm Dad During Pregnancy

It can be hard to be an expectant father. Most of the attention is focused on your partner’s pregnancy. People want to know how she is feeling and how the baby is doing. But oftentimes the dad gets lost in the shuffle. You, too, are nervous and excited about the changes this baby will bring. When the baby comes home you will have a bigger role, but during this pregnancy the best thing you can do is to be an involved and calm dad.


7 Ways to Be a Calm Dad During Pregnancy

Calm Dad During Pregnancy

1. Talk to your partner about what expectations you each have concerning your involvement during her pregnancy.

Having a clear idea from the outset of what she expects from you and what she can count on you to do will make the next nine months smoother.

However, keep the discussion open, since as the pregnancy progresses there are always unexpected and unanticipated needs that arise.


2. Accompany your partner to ultrasounds and other prenatal visits.

Your partner has the advantage of feeling all the changes pregnancy creates in her body. Seeing the baby, tracking its growth and hearing its heartbeat can give you the opportunity to be more involved in the physical aspects of pregnancy.


3. Inform yourself.

Pick up the pregnancy and childbirth books from the bedside table or at your local library and read them. Knowing more about fetal development and the process of childbirth can help ease some of the fears you may have about pregnancy.


4. Communicate your worries to your partner.

Yes, the spotlight is focused on her right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share with her what your concerns are. Telling her that you are worried about financially supporting a family, for example, gives you someone to plan with, which can help to calm your worries.


5. Help prepare for the baby.

Go, either by yourself or with your partner, to purchase baby items and furniture. Putting the crib together and setting up a nursery can be a bonding experience between expectant parents.


6. Mull over what type of dad you want to be and set about preparing yourself to become that father.

This may be a physical or mental exercise and one that you do privately or share with your partner, depending on what you wish to accomplish.


7. Talk to other fathers.

Whether you speak with other expectant dads, friends who are new at it or your own father, you can be sure they have all experienced similar emotions and fears. They may have some tips to help you be a calm and supportive expectant father.


Tips & Warnings
Even if you are a person who dislikes the phrase “we’re pregnant,” the truth is that this pregnancy is happening to both of you. Try to be as involved as possible. For instance, choose a name together or quit smoking with your partner. Even the little details, such as what color to paint the nursery, offer an opportunity for you to participate.


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