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How to Avoid Old Wives’ Tales for Inducing Labor

You’ve spent nine long months incubating your baby. You’ve felt it growing and kicking and gotten a thrill from everyone who tells you about the maternal glow you’ve developed. At some point, you might think that enough is enough and turn to dubious methods and old wives’ tales in hopes of inducing labor.


5 Steps to Avoid Old Wives’ Tales for Inducing Labor

Old Wives

1. Reason your way through things.

Nature has handled plenty of births and your child will arrive when it’s good and ready. Keep in mind that only 5 percent of babies are delivered on their due dates. Most babies are born within a two-week window of that day.


2. Consider the source of the old wives’ tales.

Determine whether you are getting your information for inducing labor from a reputable pregnancy expert. Doctors spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain the knowledge and experience that allows them to give you good advice.


3. Employ critical thinking skills.

Ask yourself why eating chicken parmigiana after midnight at a specific restaurant while standing on your head and shuffling a deck of cards would make your baby magically arrive. Determine whether it is a shock if a woman who is overdue goes into labor after receiving acupuncture. Determine whether logical reasoning tells you the method for inducing labor is realistic.


4. Consult your medical professionals.

They want the best for you and your child and are the best authority. If they need to induce labor, they can do so in a safe setting. If you have a method for inducing labor that you would like to try, ask medical professionals you trust whether they believe the method would work.


5. Enjoy your remaining pregnancy.

If you induce labor using an unusually method, you may even miss the feeling you get from carrying a baby on your womb. Thank everyone who is giving you advice. After all, they’re just trying to help.


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