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How to Apply for a Grant of Probate

When someone passes away, it is extremely important that everything regarding the estate handled as quickly as possible. If there is a will involved, then an executor will have been named. This is the individual who is in charge.

The role of probate is to make sure that the will is carried out and everything is distributed accordingly. If there is no will, it is up to probate to make decisions about distribution of the estate.


Things You’ll Need

  • Original will
  • Original death certificate
  • Required forms


5 Steps to Apply for a Grant of Probate

How to Apply for a Grant of Probate

1. Before you begin, it is suggested that you do an online search and get acquainted with the process of applying for a grant of probate.

Get the application forms by requesting them from your nearest probate office. Often these forms can be downloaded via the Internet. It is wise to pick an office that is close to you, as this is where your interview will be conducted.


2. Complete the forms and return them with the original copy of the will and an original copy of the death certificate.

Make sure that you send them to the right location to avoid delays.


3. Attending a face-to-face interview with a probate representative is a requirement.

You will be notified by mail after a date has been arranged. The purpose is to go over all of the information and sign paperwork. You will be asked to swear that what you have indicated on your forms is true.


4. Check over the completed documents and make sure that everything is correct to avoid delays.

Completed documents can be either typed or clearly handwritten. All documents must be original copies only.


5. Nominate one person to be in charge of the process if more than one executor has been named in the will.

People may decide to apply jointly, but you should know that there is a certain amount of people that can apply together. Check with your office for its requirements.


Tips and Warnings

  • It is best if you send your documents via certified mail, Fed Ex or any other courier service that requires a signature to receive them. Because you are dealing with official documents, it is best to always have a tracking number for your items. Make sure that you have other original copies of these documents in the event that they do get lost in transit.
  • If any taxes are owed, they must be paid before a grant will be issued.

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