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How to Add Insurance to Your Flight

There are two types of flight insurance: flight protection or trip insurance, which protects you from extra fees in case you cancel your trip; and flight accident insurance, which covers accidental death and dismemberment.

Buying flight insurance separately covers.


Things You’ll Need

  • Credit card
  • Printer

How to Add Insurance to Your Flight

Add Insurance to Your Flight

Getting Insurance With Your Ticket

1. Pick your flight online or with a travel agent as you normally would.


2. Tick the box to add “flight protection” or “trip insurance” before you book on a website, or ask your travel agent to while booking over the phone.

Most airline and discount airfare websites will offer trip insurance, but you can always call them if it is not offered. Most trip insurance plans, usually from a partner insurance carrier, protect the traveler listed on the ticket in the event that he cancels or postpones the trip for medical reasons or in case of emergency.


3. Enter credit card information on the website to purchase your ticket with trip insurance.

Over the phone, you can give the same information to your travel agent.


Buying Separate Flight Insurance

1. Search travel insurance websites, such as WorldTravelCenter.com and TotalTravelInsurance.com, that compare worldwide travel policies.

These websites will sell flight accident insurance, a type of policy that covers you in the event of accidental death or dismemberment on board the aircraft, as well as entering or exiting the plane.


2. Enter your flight dates, details and your age to determine quotes.


3. Compare policies from different companies for the most coverage at the best price.


4. Enter credit card information to buy your selected policy.


5. Print the policy.


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