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How to Accept One’s Nose

In a society of quick fixes, it’s easy to find things about your body you’d like to change. Many people, both men and women, dislike the look of their nose or think it doesn’t suit their face.

Some people surgically correct or enhance their nose through a plastic surgery procedure called rhinoplasty. For many, surgery isn’t an option. Focusing on accepting your nose is good start to accepting your body for the way it is.


Things You’ll Need:

  • Powder blush
  • Bronzing powder
  • Blush brush
  • Mirror


5 Steps to Accept One’s Nose

Accept One's Nose

1. Play down your nose with your hairstyle.

Tight, pulled-back ponytails may make your nose stand out farther. Choose a hairstyle that frames the face and take the focus off your nose.


2. Look at pictures of others who have worse noses than you, like on the Internet.

Put your look into perspective. There may actually be many other people envious of you and wish they had a nose like yours.


3. Take pictures of yourself from different angles and choose which picture makes you look best.

When you take pictures, try to position your face in that angle so you are happy when you see your image in the picture later.


4. Apply blush or bronzing powder in pictures if you have a wide nose.

Small areas of blush on either side of the nose create shadows and can make a wide nose look narrower. This is not a good everyday look as it’s too obvious but works well for pictures.


5. Look at your face in the mirror each day and focus on your nose.

Realize this is the nose you were born with and at this point in time, it’s the nose you have. Beating yourself up over the size or shape of your nose detracts from your quality of life. Consider it your own signature look. Accept your nose as it is and make peace with it.


Tips & Warnings
If the size and shape of your nose has truly affected your quality of life or you actually have trouble breathing through your nose, consider making a consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon. Accepting your nose creates a higher self-esteem for you and if you cannot do it alone, you may need extra help to get the satisfaction with the look that you desire.


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