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How Stage Fright Interferes With Speaking

Stage fright is a performance anxiety that interferes with an individual’s ability to perform in front of an audience. Stage fright can be experienced before going in front of the audience due to the anticipation of the event.


Stage Fright Interferes



Sufferers of stage fright experience anxiety before or even at the thought of having to communicate verbally with any group. They also may attempt to avoid settings where a groups focuses on individuals in attendance. Additional symptoms are physical distress, nausea or feelings of panic in public speaking situations.


Speech Anxiety

Some effects of stage fright may be alleviated with the use of specialized medications. A person’s reaction to stage fright with public speaking is centered around the body’s natural reaction to an adrenaline-fueled fight or flight scenario.

The heartbeat increases, and breathing becomes rapid and shallow, which could lead to fainting. Other physical effects that would interfere with public speaking include muscle stiffening, a tense voice and the use of vocal pauses, such as “umms” and “ahhs.”


Overcoming Stage Fright

A child’s stage fright may be solved by boosting their confidence and giving encouragement. Being prepared for a public speaking event is one way to help calm nerves and fears of speaking in public. Another possible solution when physical symptoms are present is to go for a brisk walk and stretching, which will release adrenaline and help loosen stiff muscles.


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