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How Do I Type an Eviction Notice?

As a landlord, it’s sometimes your responsibility to let tenants know that they’re being evicted, the reasons for this, and when they need to vacate the premises.

In following the suggested template here, make sure all information is accurate and the notice is served in a timely manner as required by law.


6 Steps to Type an Eviction Notice

Eviction Notice


1. Type “Eviction Notice” at the top of the page.

This should be typed in bold letters so the tenant can clearly see what the document is.


2. Create a header for the eviction notice.

The header usually contains who the eviction notice is for, such as “To: John Smith.” It can also contain a line that states who the notice is from. This might be your name as the landlord or the name of the corporation that owns the building.


3. Type the reason the tenant is being evicted below the header.

This should be a straightforward reason written in as few words as possible. Include the specific reason, as well as the address of the property the tenant is being evicted from.


4. Give the time frame for the eviction in the next section.

This should include the deadline the tenant has for leaving the property, such as 60 or 90 days. Make sure you state the specific date that the tenant must leave by. Check with your local authorities to see exactly how much notice you might be required by law to give.


5. Include a small section that states the tenant has the right to contact a lawyer and obtain professional advice regarding the eviction.


6. Type your name at the bottom of the eviction notice, and leave space to sign and date it.

You may also include your telephone number or email address so the tenant can contact you with any questions.


Tips & Warnings
Contact your own lawyer to see if your locality has imposed any requirements regarding the composition or delivery of eviction notices. The information may need to be worded in a specific way, or the notice must be delivered by certified mail.


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