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How Do I Look for Singles Without Doing a Personality Profile?

Popular online dating sites such as eHarmony and Match.com find partners for their members using so-called “personality profiles,” which are data reports based on surveys and other user-generated responses.

Unfortunately, the process of generating a personality profile can be long and tedious if you’re simply looking to see what kind of singles are available to meet your general preferences. But there are a number of websites available to help you find single people without filling out a personality profile.


4 Ways Do I Look for Singles Without Doing a Personality Profile?

Singles Without Doing a Personality Profile


1. Use a general dating site that doesn’t require you to complete a personality profile.

Register for the site of your choice by providing only a few details, such as your email address, a password, your gender and date of birth. Browse singles in your area.


2. Consider any preferences you have.

For example, are you religious and looking to date within your faith? From a logical standpoint, sites that serve huge user bases (such as eHarmony and Match.com) use personality profiles as much to determine compatibility as they do to keep the massive amounts of data on their servers organized. Smaller, niche-oriented sites can allow for more flexibility and freedom.


3. Consult your local newspaper’s website, or any local lifestyle guides, if you’re looking to date locally.

Many online personals sections have been upgraded to allow for greater user customization than the standard classifieds of yesteryear.


4. Browse social networks such as MySpace and Facebook.

Set your parameters to include people who are single, meet your specifications for location, age and physical appearance, and have stated they’re looking to date. Be friendly and nonaggressive if you do contact someone using this method, since these types of sites are not primarily intended for dating.


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