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How Do I Cancel a Travel Protection Plan for Any Reason?

Canceling a trip or vacation for any reason can be costly. If you’ve purchased travel insurance, you may be able to cancel your policy before it goes into effect and get your money back.

 Travel Protection Plan


Time Frame

Most travel insurance providers offer a review period for you to look over your policy, make changes or cancel it. Review periods vary between companies, but usually range between 10 to 15 days after you purchase your plan. During this period, you may cancel an eligible plan for any reason and receive a refund of your premium as long as your trip has not begun or you have not filed a claim.


There are specific steps to follow with your travel insurance provider in order to cancel your policy. Every insurance provider sets their own plan cancellation policies and procedures.

For example, your provider may require notice of cancellation in writing, so a phone call will not suffice. Carefully read and follow the terms of your issued policy to ensure you receive a refund of your premium.



Depending on the travel insurance provider, some plans, such as single trip plans, may not be eligible for a refund. Additionally, even if you cancel an eligible plan during the review period, administrative or processing fees may be taken out of your refund.



Some companies offer an additional feature to travel protection plans that allows you to cancel your trip, not your policy, for any reason. If you purchased the “cancel for any reason” feature with your plan, you can cancel your trip after the policy review period and still make a claim.


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