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Health Insurance for Tourists

Health insurance for tourists is available to anyone traveling to a foreign country. The only requirement for this type of insurance is simply that your destination be a country other than your country of residence.


Health Insurance for Tourists


Length of Coverage

Health insurance for tourists is available for the duration of your trip. Short-term plans are available for anywhere between a few days up to several months. If you plan on traveling extensively, a long-term health insurance policy is available for up to three years.


Preexisting Conditions

Many people worry about finding health insurance due to preexisting conditions. Fortunately, most travel insurance policies cover preexisting conditions.



Depending on the travel insurance you choose, your travel insurance company will likely have a list of doctors in the area you are traveling to that are approved for service. This takes much of the stress and guess work out of trying to find a competent doctor in a foreign land with a foreign language.



While plans differ from provider to provider, many plans not only cover health costs incurred while traveling but accidental death as well. Some plans even offer coverage for emergency evacuation back to your home country and repatriation costs.



Travel health insurance is very cheap when compared to health insurance at home. The cost of a plan can be paid per day or per month and can vary based on age, the maximum coverage amount and the provider. Plans starting as low as $25 a month or $1.30 a day can be found online.


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