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Health Insurance for Business Travelers

Business travelers commuting to international destinations know that if something can go wrong, it probably will. Medical treatment at a foreign destination may be limited or prohibitively expensive.

Many countries require that visitors show proof of medical insurance before entry. Health insurance not only provides peace of mind. It is a essential requirement when planning an international business trip.


Health Insurance for Business Travelers


Review Your Insurance Coverage

Review your existing health insurance plans. Most policies provide coverage while traveling within the United States, although coverage may be limited when traveling outside your home state.

Some policies allow purchase of supplemental coverage that provides full protection while traveling domestically and for international trips. Individuals covered under Medicare and Medicaid are not insured outside of the United States.


Find Travel Insurance for Business Travel on the Internet

There are literally dozens of different travel insurance brokers that offer business travel insurance. Internet sites, including Access America, American Visitor, Travel Guard, Independent Traveler and Quote Wright, offer interactive online tools that allow you to compare coverage, design a policy to fit your travel plans and buy online.


High-Risk Destinations

When traveling to a destination of violent political unrest or to a war zone, most travel insurance will not provide coverage. When business travelers go to developing countries experiencing war and strife, they invest in specialized insurance that covers their exposure.

Many war-torn countries lack adequate medical facilities. Travel insurance providing medical and accident coverage, coverage against acts of terrorism and coverage for medical evacuation is a prudent purchase.

EGlobal Health Insurers Agency offers policies to provide peace of mind and financial remedy when trip plans or health become jeopardized by injury, flight cancellations, war-related injury, acts of terrorism, kidnapping, ransom or extortion.


Long-Term Disability

Illness or disability may curtail income or jeopardize financial security. Business travel health insurance that includes a long-term disability supplement protects assets and income.

Persons who rely on their income to pay bills and maintain their lifestyle should consider long-term disability insurance. Mass Mutual is but one of several insurance providers that offer policies tailored to your financial needs.


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