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Hands-On Group Activities to Build Self-Esteem

For people with low self-esteem it’s sometimes easier to dig yourself out of a slump with the assistance of others. Bringing a group of people with low self-esteem together is a way to give them the opportunity to talk with like-minded individuals who will be able to relate to each other’s problems.

It allows them to work through their problems as a group. There are many different activities you can do that will lift everyone’s self-esteem.


Positive Feedback

One of the simpler and more obvious group activities is just to have people exchange positive feedback. Sometimes all we need to dig out of a hole is a compliment. Have your group stand in a circle and then choose one person to stand in the center.

Then, one at a time, have each person say three nice things about the person in the center. This not only serves the obvious purpose of making someone feel good by giving her compliments, but it could also helps remedy any fears of being the center of attention.


Group Activities to Build Self-Esteem



Conducting a group interview is another way to help people build self-esteem. One at a time, have one member of your group stand in the front of the room. Then have each of the other group members ask the person a question.

The questions can be about anything and should cover a wide range of things, including favorite sports, favorite foods or just life in general. This gives people the opportunity to really get to know each other, which will make them more comfortable with one another. This gives the person being questioned the opportunity to overcome any self-esteem issues he might face as far as being in front of a crowd. It is also helpful sometimes to just be able to vent and talk about your life.


Learn Something

Accomplishing something is an effective way to build your self-esteem. You can easily do this in a group setting by electing a different member of your group each week to teach the rest of the group a skill.

Encourage your “teachers” to teach something they know that is a little unique. It would be boring if each person taught how to make cookies. This activity is actually a two-way street of self-esteem building. It allows the teacher to show off a special skill, and the students get to learn how to do something new.


Candy Game

If you’re dealing with a younger crowd or just feel like something sweet, the “candy game” can be an effective tool in building self-esteem. This game is best played with around 10 to 15 people.

Hand each member of your group 10 pieces of candy. Then have the group members one at a time state a special skill that they have. Each member of the group that cannot perform that skill must give the person speaking a piece of candy. For example: you might say, “I can build a canoe.” Anybody who cannot build a canoe has to give you a piece of candy. This not only helps your group to get to know each other but it forces you to think about what’s special about you.


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