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Hands-on Group Activities for Self-Esteem

The key to successful hands-on group activities for self-esteem is to offer praise throughout the activity. Provide challenging activities that end with a sense of accomplishment for everyone involved. Everyone is a winner in hands-on group activities.


Function of the Activities

The function of hands-on group activities for self-esteem is to enable participants to feel better about themselves during and after the activity is complete. The group leader provides positive feedback. A sense of accomplishment, belonging and team bonding are the primary functions of these types of activities.


Bumper Bowling

Set up the bowling lane with bumpers to prevent any gutter balls. The group plays as a team. Each person is high-fived after each roll. Set a team goal for the total number of pins for the group to knock down by the end of the game.


Candy Game

Five or more participants sit in a circle with 10 pieces of candy each. The first person states something positive about themselves or a talent they possess. Any group member with the same trait gives the person a piece of candy and a pat on the back.


Group Activities for Self-Esteem


Self-Esteem Gauntlet

Arrange the participants into two equal standing lines with space between them. Have one person go through the center. Group members on both sides to give high-five signs, hugs, pat on the back, smiles and words of praise.


Human Sculpture Game

The group leader calls out a situation or event. For example, the leader calls out the phrase standing in line to check out a library book. The group participants talk to one another about how to pose together to act out the situation and freeze in their positions.


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