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Golden Retriever Breed Information

Originally bred in the British Isles from crosses of other retrievers and water spaniels, the Golden Retriever has become one of the most popular family companions. This beautiful breed brings with it not only a great look but also natural intelligence and loyalty to the owner and the family. Very successfully used as a bird dog, both on land and on water, the Golden Retriever is also a very friendly, people-oriented breed.

The Golden Retriever is widely used as a guide dog for the blind and as a therapy dog for those with physical limitations. The breed is also successful in various competitions, such as tracking, retrieving, and agility. Many owners find this breed needs only a little obedience training, as the breed seems to be friendly to many people.

A dog of this breed from the top-quality breeder makes a wonderful family pet and an excellent assistant to the hunter in the field.


Golden Retriever Temperament

Several words can be used to describe the overall personality of the well-bred Golden Retriever: friendly, obedient, eager-to-please, and loving. This breed has become one of the most popular family dogs, doing well in almost every situation. The Golden Retriever is not aggressive by any means, although it will bark loudly if suspicious of some activity around the home. This natural protectiveness is one of the traits that most families appreciate.

This is a very adaptable breed, capable of getting along well with children if properly raised and socialized by a good breeder. The dog’s size can be a problem with very small children, but most owners will find the Golden Retriever to be a gentle and careful dog. In fact, this breed is one that loves people, but also needs people.

Golden Retrievers will become depressed and get into mischief if left alone for a long timeframes. Therefore, it is best to plan including a dog of this breed in nearly all family activities.

Golden Retriever Temperament


Golden Retriever Size and Color

The Golden Retriever is a sturdy, well-proportioned dog that should have a strong chest area and muscular body. The male of the breed stand 22 to 24 inches at the withers while the female stand about 20 to 22 inches. The male may weigh from 60 to 80 pounds with the female weighing five to 10 pounds less.

The coat should be of medium length, somewhat feathered and cream or gold colored, as the name implies. Some Golden Retrievers will have lighter shadings in the coat, but these are not acceptable to clubs and organizations if the color is white.

Off colors such as red and black in the coat are also not acceptable. A long tail and shorter ears are expected of the well-bred Golden Retriever, as is the broad skull and deeper look of the front of the face.

Golden Retriever Size and Color


Golden Retriever Feeding and Grooming Requirements

The Golden Retriever is an energetic breed, but one that requires lots of outdoor activity. Therefore, you should carefully plan a healthy diet and make sure that your dog gets plenty of the right nutrients. A diet of lean meats, some vegetables, and nutritious treats might be a good place to start, but experienced owners report that each dog is an individual and you should try to find the best diet for your dog as such.

Golden Retrievers have developed some allergies to certain commercial foods and canine health experts have reported that many dogs are allergic to the excessive grain contents of low-priced foods. For this reason, high protein diets are also a good place to start.

The Golden Retriever’s coat is not exceptionally long and is actually quite smooth, so grooming can be quite easy. Using a firm-bristle brush is recommended, in long strokes, paying attention to the dense undercoat. In addition, dry shampoo and only occasional bathing are also recommended.

Golden Retriever Feeding and Grooming Requirements


Golden Retriever Exercise Needs

Perhaps the easiest way to recommend exercise for the Golden Retriever would be to urge that this breed get plenty of outside time, so it is allowed to run and use its natural energy. The Golden Retriever was bred to be a hard-working hunting companion that is comfortable on land and in the water.

The Golden Retriever will be fine in an apartment or smaller house only if it is given daily exercise and the opportunity to be in the open spaces. This breed is generally eager to please the owner, so retrieving games using a ball or other toy will be great fun.

Finally, the Golden Retriever can gain weight easily, especially if not allowed to exercise in sufficient amounts.

Golden Retriever Exercise Needs


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