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Gift Exchange Ideas for Work

Gift exchanges for office parties or holidays at the office can be a challenge. It can be difficult to know what to spend and what to buy. But there are a few ways to make your gift exchange a success and make the gift buying a bit easier.


Ground Rules

The best way to organize an office gift exchange is to set some ground rules. The first ground rule is the amount that can be spent on a gift. The standard amount is $10, but you can choose to go as high as $20. Some offices set the maximum amount at $5 and use that as the theme of their gift exchange party–it can be fun to see what kinds of gifts people buy for only $5.

Some other important ground rules are that there can be nothing too personal, such as lingerie, and gifts cannot be used to embarrass anyone. Keep it civil and make it fun.


Gift Exchange Ideas


Different Types of Exchanges

There are a few different types of gift exchanges. At white-elephant gift exchanges, everyone gives strange or funny gifts that were found in attics or basements. There is nothing to purchase, and it is interesting to see what kinds of things are given.

The “secret Santa” is a popular holiday gift exchange. The names of everyone who wants to be involved in the exchange are written on small pieces of paper and mixed up in a box. People randomly draw names and then buy a gift for the person whose name they drew.


Gift Ideas

A gift card to a local restaurant or department store works well as a gift for a co-worker, as does a coffee or tea gift pack or a coffee mug for his desk. Movie passes or DVDs of classic movies are other options.


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