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Games to Play With Staff

Keeping your staff happy can help contribute to a better workplace. Employees will work harder, faster and more accurately if they are happy and feel like their work matters.

Cynical employees or those who feel like their work doesn’t matter will work poorly. Keep your employees spirits high with staff games.


Games to Play With Staff


It’s a Knockout

In the late 1960s, the BBC aired a show called “It’s a Knockout.” It was a wild game show featuring strange physical events. Teams would do things like carry buckets of water over rolling logs while other team’s threw custard pies at them.

Other events included picking up delicate objects, like eggs, with a wrench or another tool that wasn’t made for precision use. Create your own “It’s a Knockout” game for your staff. Set up a day or two for competition, and create your own series of bizarre games for the outdoors.

Let your staff dress up in costumes to create an open and silly atmosphere for your games. Keep score for each event, and award prizes, both real and humorous, to each contestant.


Blind Date

Trust building games can help build camaraderie in your workplace. Have everybody find a buddy, and give each player a blindfold. During each round, one person on each team wears the blindfold, while the other serves as the guide.

The following instructions should be given: “Guide your blind date wherever you want, and switch roles after five minutes. Explore your environment with your team mate and have a fun experience.” Make sure each team member gets one round as the blind person and another round as the guide. After you’re done, ask them questions like “how was it to be the guide?” or “how did it feel to trust another person entirely?”


Toxic Waste

People often work together better when the stakes are higher. For example, doctors, ambulance drivers and those in the health-care business work together quickly and efficiently because lives often hang in the balance.

A fun way to bring your staff together, while not actually putting them in any danger, is the game toxic waste. Split everyone into teams, and give them a water-filled bucket. Get a bungee cord, and attach everyone on a team to the bungee cord.

The teams must move the bucket from one end of the playing field to the other. For the purposes of this game, they are carrying toxic waste. They must empty their bucket into another bucket at the opposite end of the field. If they spill any water, they are immediately disqualified.


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