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Fun Outside Activities for Self Esteem in Teens

During adolescence, teenagers can suffer with low self-esteem. By taking part in enjoyable outdoor activities, it is possible to boost self-esteem through the achievement of set goals, building good relationships with others, developing skills and exercising regularly.

According to HealthyAlberta.com, a lack of self-esteem can be the cause of a range of issues, such as depression, eating disorders and psychological and behavioral problems.


Team Sports

Joining a sports team can help a teenager build his self esteem by building positive relationships with teammates and with the coach. Any progress that the teen makes can help him become more confident in his own abilities, which can also boost self-esteem.

Teens can inquire about joining sports teams at school or at local sports centers. Depending on what is available in your area, sports could include soccer, baseball, basketball and rowing. Parents should avoid focusing on whether the team won or lost after a game and instead give lots of praise and encouragement to the teenager to build his confidence.


Self Esteem in Teens


Exercise and Hobbies

Exercising regularly can help to boost self-esteem in teenagers. Taking up an active hobby, such as running, cycling, swimming, water-sports, rock climbing, skiing or snowboarding, can encourage the individual to exercise regularly and help her build confidence through seeing progress in ability and fitness levels. Exercise also can help the body release tension and lower anxiety and can increase mental strength.


Helping Others

By helping others, a teenager can learn to focus his attention on the people he is helping rather than thinking about his own self-perceived flaws or problems. Helping others will encourage the individual to feel good about himself and think about what he has achieved, especially when his actions are appreciated by the people he is helping.

Helping neighbors, by offering to carry groceries, washing cars, gardening or painting houses, is a good way to build self-esteem and relationships. Teenagers also can volunteer at old peoples’ homes, where they can help by simply spending time with the residents.


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