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Fun Games to Play at Lunch Time in an Office

Using your lunch hour to play games with coworkers is an excellent way to promote socializing among coworkers and provide an opportunity for physical activity.

Many people spend their workday sitting in front of a computer, which can have some unhealthy consequences such as weight gain and blood clots. The size of your group does not matter; you can plan activities that everyone will enjoy.

Fun Games to Play at Lunch Time


Munchkin Role Playing Card Game

Munchkin is a humorous card game that has an hour of play time. Players kick down a door by turning over a card. The game is great for between 2 and 10 players and anyone can join in the middle of a game.

They then fight a monster (such as the Potted Plant) and use their armor (such as boots of running really fast). Other players can get in the way by throwing curse cards (itching powder, for example). The goal is to beat enough monsters to achieve a level of 10.


Salsa Contest

This game is excellent if you have many in the office who grow their own gardens and like to make homemade salsa. Assign a day where each person brings in enough salsa and chips for the office.

Place the salsa in categories of mild, medium, and hot. Each person tries all of the recipes and then places a score marker, such as a penny, next to the jar they like the best. A prize could then be awarded to the winner.


Office Disk Golf

Another great game to play is indoor disk golf. Take a large wastebasket and place it in the middle of the room. Each member can bring their own disk or someone can bring extras to share.

The aim is to land the disk into the wastebasket. This game is good to get people standing and moving and is good for any number of players.


Office Bowling League

This game requires the use of plastic water or soda pop bottles set up to resemble a set of bowling pins. To decrease playing time and include many players during the office lunch period, each coworker takes one turn instead of the traditional two.

A roll of masking tape can be used as the “bowling ball.” Keep a record of the daily scores and design a trophy or provide free lunches for the league champions.


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