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French Bulldog Health Problems

French Bulldogs are a much-loved breed due to their short faces, and small, squatty bodies, but unfortunately the physical characteristics that make them so popular can also lead to serious health problems.

French Bulldog health problems, while they may not be experienced to the same severity by every dog, are very common, often causing extensive veterinarian care.


French Bulldog Health Problems



The two most serious French Bulldog health problems are a result of its brachycephalic, or short-faced structure and its dwarf body type.



As a brachycephalic breed, French Bulldogs often suffer from constricted airways due to pinched nostrils and elongated soft palates. This condition can lead to serious health problems if there is any swelling in the mouth or throat, and can cause difficulties with anesthesia.



French Bulldog health problems may also be caused by warm, humid environments. This, in combination with the short-faced structure of the dogs, can cause French Bulldogs to become overheated easily.



Other potential French Bulldog health problems include a high incidence of C-section deliveries due to the large heads of the breed and the small pelvis of the female dogs. This causes limited breeding, since the breed does not respond well to the anesthesia often needed in a C-section.



These conditions are inherent to most bulldogs and may not always cause any problems. It is a good idea to buy French Bulldog puppies from experienced breeders that can provide information about the puppies’ family health history.


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