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Flirt Tips for Shy Teens

Talking to that special someone can bring on the jitters and butterflies, and even make you blurt out things you would never normally say. This can result in huge embarrassment, and a total blow to your self-esteem. Flirting can be fun if you know the correct tips and guidelines, and you can flirt successfully to gain the attention of the apple of your eye.


Flirt Tips for Shy Teens


Give Them a Sign!

There isn’t a single person who isn’t afraid of rejection. If you ignore the person altogether because you are nervous, or whatever the reason may be, that person may think you are uninterested. There are numerous approaches to pass on your advantage, so it is anything but difficult to pick the strategy that is generally agreeable for you.

Make eye contact. This is a perfect way to prove that you are interested, and adding a smile will make you much more approachable. Ease a portion of the pressure by reaching that uncommon individual in an easygoing manner, for example, praising his shirt and pulling on its finish. When talking, make sure you nod your head slightly and smile from time to time as he is talking, showing that you actually care about what you are discussing.


Play Hard to Get, But Not Too Hard

Face it, a lot of people want what they think they can’t have. However, if you play too hard to get, that could portray disinterest. When texting, text sparingly at first as if you only have a few more messages left on your texting plan. If she texts you one day, once in a while wait to respond until the next day.

Also, make her wonder what you’ve been doing. Most text message conversations begin with a “Hey, what’s up?” so in response say something mysterious. Don’t overuse this technique, though, because the person may lose interest. Make sure you use it carefully.


Vocal Tone

Believe it or not, how you say things is almost as important as what you say. Do not be loud and obnoxious, but don’t be too quiet because you may come across as extremely shy. Speak in a normal tone, but change your volume levels. When you talk quietly, the person will have to listen in carefully and potentially become more  interested. Make sure you laugh a lot, and enjoy yourself because everybody likes to have a fun time.


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