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Finger Lakes ATV Trails

Once-barren mounds left behind by coal strip mining were replanted and transformed into Finger Lakes State Park in Missouri. It is one of two parks in the state catering to off-road enthusiasts.

While St. Joe State Park has trails for both four-wheel drive and off-road vehicles, Finger Lakes provides 70 miles of trails designed specifically for ATVs less than 50 inches wide as well as dirt bikes.


Finger Lakes ATV Trails


The Main Trail

Access the park’s network of trails and riding areas from the 5.25-mile main trail. The trail connects the OHV staging area with the competitive motocross track, park office and campground.

The main trail is well marked with signs to steer you to the park’s points of interest, including picnic areas and the Finger Lakes where you can fish, canoe and scuba dive. The main trail is marked by blue blazes and is appropriate for all skill levels.


Trails and Riding Areas

Nearly 65 miles of unmaintained trails and open areas wind through the park, crossing steep mounds measuring 20 to 30 feet high left from the coal mines . Exposed roots, ruts, fallen trees and muddy areas characterize the trails, offering natural obstacles and challenges to test your skill.

The unmaintained trails have areas challenging to even highly experienced riders. Ride at your own risk and stay on trails within your ability level.


Just For Kids

Kids younger than 12 years old with an 80 cc or less ATV can enjoy riding at a small youth riding area just north of the Motocross track. While kids must be directly supervised by an adult, it gives them an opportunity to hone their skills away from fast-moving, full-sized machines.

The Finger Lakes youth riding area is closed on days when the adjacent motocross track is hosting competitions. Youth Area riders must obey all park rules, including wearing a helmet.


Riding Legally

The park charges a small per-person fee to ride the ATV trails. Your ATV must be registered, and be equipped with a spark arrestor and muffler that keeps noise levels below 86 decibles.

Your ATV must have an orange whip flag that is a minimum of 72 inches long with an orange banner that is 72 square inches — 6 inches by 9 inches, for example. Riders must wear helmets and a licensed adult must directly supervise each rider 16 years old or younger.


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