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Feng Shui Tips for Pregnancy

For 3,500 years, the Chinese have used feng shui to bring peace, calm and health to all areas of life, including pregnancy. Like wind, this energy called “chi” flows all around you. It is subtle energy that can either cause stress or put you at ease.

Take control of the chi in your body, your environment and your baby’s nursery, and provide your child the joyous and peaceful welcome they deserve.


Feng Shui Tips for Pregnancy


Unstable Furniture

Not only is broken or unstable furniture a danger to pregnant women, having it in your bedroom can cause an energy of uncertainty or instability that can be disruptive to both you and your unborn baby.


Nursery Location

Your baby needs a quiet and cozy place in order to feel at ease. Therefore, the nursery or crib should not be in a wide-open or empty space. Your baby should have a quiet space where he will not be easily disturbed.


Crib Placement

The best location for a crib is one that gives your baby a sense of stability. Make sure one side is along a wall, and it is even better if the headboard is on a wall as well. It is best for the crib not to be bordering a bathroom, and it is most important that your baby can see you when you enter the room.



During pregnancy, bright light, especially in the bedroom, will provide optimum health and energy. In the nursery, lighting should be balanced. Bright light can affect sleep and darkness can be distressing. Lighting should also be balanced throughout the room.


Decorating with Images

Pictures and images can either positively or negatively affect you and your baby. During pregnancy, be selective with what images you place around your home and the emotions you feel when you look at them. In the nursery, be careful when decorating with images that could frighten a baby, such as clowns or animals. Use characters minimally and avoid having them be overpowering or too large.


Using Color

During pregnancy, surround yourself with red, green, indigo and light blue to encourage prenatal health. According to feng shui, the best color for children is white because it promotes creativity. If adding color to the nursery, avoid bright colors that can over-stimulate. Soft, muted colors will promote rest and proper health for your baby.


Movement in the Room

Keeping the energy flowing in your baby’s room can be soothing. Ideas for movement include keeping a fan running on low, playing soft music or hanging a mobile near an open window.


Clear Away the Clutter

Clutter is the most important factor in feng shui because it blocks mental, physical and creative energy. During pregnancy, clear out any unnecessary items from your home, including unneeded furniture, old paperwork or any items lying around or cluttering surfaces.

Allowing the free flow of energy in your home will help keep your stress levels low as you prepare for the big day, and being organized before your baby arrives will be a benefit when the added accessories and increased activity fill your home.


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