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Feng Shui Tips for Loving Your Job

When work has you down, it might be tempting to quit your job and start looking for a new career path. Before doing this, however, consider trying to apply feng shui to your workspace to see if your environment, not your job, is the true problem.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on creating balance and harmony between humans and their environments. By clearing clutter, rearranging and decorating your space, and positioning yourself carefully, you can encourage the flow of positive chi energy, reduce stress and come to love your job.


Feng Shui Tips for Loving


Clear Out Clutter

Clutter can block the flow of chi energy, which in turn can bring negativity to your workspace and your mood. When you have some free time, go through your desk drawers, cabinets and other storage in your office or cubicle.

Shred old files and throw away used-up or broken office supplies. Organize all of your files and supplies so they are easier for you to find (you don’t have to dig through piles to reach them).

Clean off your desk and arrange your keyboard, mouse, phone, printer and other supplies so they are easy for you to reach. Once you clear the clutter, chi can flow freely and your workspace will feel lighter and happier.


Position Yourself

Look at the way your desk and chair are positioned. If your back is facing the door or entrance to your cubicle, or if you are facing a wall, it’s time to make a switch. When your back is to a door, it is easy for people to sneak up behind you.

This can bring tension and unease to your energy and your workspace. Rearrange your workspace so you can see the door. If possible, avoid turning your back to a window as well. If you can’t, place a turtle, a dragon-tortoise or a picture of a mountain next to the window behind you.

According to World of Feng Shui Online, these are symbols of career success that can counter the uneasy chi created by having your back to a window.



Fill your workspace with objects that will help facilitate the flow of positive chi energy. These can include mementos from home, such as pictures of your family or pets. Bring live plants into work if you can.

Bamboo is a sturdy plant that is easy to take care of (simply keep its pot filled with water). Place mirrors in your space if it helps you to see behind you, especially if you can’t sit facing the door or entrance to your cubicle.

Crystals and stones can also help generate and move chi energy to keep it flowing around your work space. If possible, hang a wind chime in your space as well. You don’t want to annoy your coworkers, but ringing the chimes softly every once in awhile will get Chi moving.


Feng Shui Your Home

The chi energy in your home can affect your happiness at work as well. In feng shui, all spaces are divided up into eight sections, or guas. If your work life is suffering, try adding some feng shui to your career gua at home.

Print a bagua map off of the Internet. Stand in the entrance to your home and hold the “bottom” of the map so it matches the position of your doorway. The map will show you which areas of your home correspond to the career gua.

Remove the clutter from these areas and decorate them with items such as crystals, plants and the feng shui symbols of career success (turtle, dragon-tortoise and mountain). Place a wind chime at the doorway to your home and ring it before entering to get positive chi moving.


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