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Feng Shui Cures for Depression

The techniques of feng shui help energy flow through your home–or any space where you spend time, like an office–to create a balanced, happy lifestyle. Yin and yang are major principles in feng shui.

When a person is feeling depressed, this means there is too much yin in that person’s life. Yin represents the darker side, so too many of these elements can create a depressed mood, but there are cures to fix a room’s energy.



Add sounds to a space to make more energy flow. This can be done using wind chimes or art. The wind chimes should have five chimes, one for each of the five elements (earth, metal, wood, fire and water). Also, they should be hung with a red string. If you decide to use art to enhance the sound in a room, it should be a piece of art that gives a musical feeling.


Feng Shui Cures for Depression


Living Things

Putting living things inside a home can ease depression as well. Pets are a simple answer because they will bring energy to any room. If a person does not want the responsibility of a dog or a cat, even aquarium fish will help offset depression.

However, if that is still too much responsibility, use plants to bring living energy to a room. Put these in rooms where there is not much activity, like a guest room.



Mirrors can welcome in light and energy that will offset bad energy. For example, if a room does not have a lot of light, hang a mirror near the window so the light can pass through the room rather than being blocked by the wall.

Also, make sure the windows are clean. If they are dirty or shaded this will affect the amount of light entering the room.


Elevated Elements

If you have a lot of things on the floor, such as plants or books, elevate them. Also, be aware of elements that lead to the ground such as long tablecloths. These things direct attention toward the floor, which brings energy down. By elevating everything you raise the room and decrease the symptoms of depression.


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