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Extra-Curricular Activities That Help With Self-Esteem

The teenage years can be the best or the hardest and loneliest years of a person’s life. Good self-esteem is crucial in determining how these formative years will be remembered. Extra-curricular activities foster skills and attributes in teens that will help them in young adulthood and beyond.

There are several after-school activities that will instill a solid sense of self-esteem that can help ward off bullying, poor grades and depression. These activities can also lead to life-long volunteer work in the community.



Theater arts is an excellent activity for children to participate in after school to develop self-esteem. In drama club, students can meet and make friends with similar interests, participate in team building trust exercises, and be applauded for their efforts.

Standing in front of people onstage can be nerve wracking for most people, but drama is more than what happens onstage. Even shy students can develop self-esteem learning to run the show from back stage. Often, the friendships forged in drama club last a lifetime.


Extra-Curricular Activities


Key Club

Key Club is committed to teaching leadership, service and building character. Students gather together with teachers and mentors to plan and carry out service projects. Helping someone in need can be immensely satisfying, and teens that help others are often rewarded with feelings of greater self-worth.



Although it may seem like only the popular kids can perform in sports, depending on the variety of programs offered in your area, there is bound to be a good fit for every student.

Being physically fit can greatly improve self-esteem, as well as the accolades for success and the commiseration with teammates over a loss. Outside the typical after-school sport programs, you may find martial arts, dance, fencing or even yoga to be preferable.


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