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Evaporation Lines on EPT Results

Early pregnancy tests are a highly accurate method of checking for pregnancy. They work by detecting a hormone present in urine called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), also known as the “pregnancy hormone” because it builds rapidly in the body when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus.

Although pregnancy tests are quite accurate, some test results, known as evaporation lines, give an impression contrary to this fact, where the results aren’t clearly discernible as positive or negative.


Evaporation Lines on EPT Results


Evaporation Lines Explained

Usually a pregnancy reveals positive results with an appearing colored band if high concentrations of hGC are detected and no colored band if not. Evaporation lines appear usually as an extremely faint line that confounds the results.

The lines are visible enough to question a negative result and faint enough to question a positive result. Most frequently, they appear when the urine on a test area begins to dry; however, in some instances, they appear due to the concentration of the urine sample. It is possible to get evaporation lines regardless of the test’s brand. Take another test a few days later for more accurate results.


Avoiding Evaporation Lines

Taking the test properly will help reduce the chances of evaporation lines appearing as the result. Wait a week after a missed period before taking a test. Some pregnancy test brands claim 99% accuracy as soon as one day after a missed period, but most doctors argue that hGC levels are still quite low in the very early stages of pregnancy and might be missed by a test.

The hGC hormone builds gradually after a missed period and doesn’t become fully present until a week later. Taking the test then will greatly reduce the chance of an evaporation line occurring due to extremely faint concentrations of hGC in the urine.


Improve Result Accuracy

During the day, people tend to drink lots of fluids that flush the system. Taking a pregnancy test after consuming several glasses of water will likely produce a poor urine sample. A poor, watered down urine sample will reduce the presence of hGC and could yield an extremely faint and so questionable, evaporation line.

For the best results, use a high quality urine sample such as the first of the day. Using a potent urine sample will greatly reduce the chances of evaporation line confusion.


Confirming the Results

Regardless of the results you have received, be it clearly positive, negative or confounding, it is absolutely essential to confirm the results by taking multiple tests. Wait a week or at least a few days between confirmation tests to allow your body to build more hGC.

If the confirmation tests yield unsatisfactory results and you’re still confused, speak to a doctor. Remember, it can take up to a week after a missed period for your body to reach sufficient hGC levels. If you are testing before this time and continuously get uncertain results, have patience and take the test at a later date.


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