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English Springer Spaniel Training Guide

If you choose an English Springer Spaniel as your family pet, you will be getting a dog of medium size that is sturdy, energetic, and very friendly.

This breed makes a good watchdog, being protective of its owner and family members.

The Springer are intelligent dogs, which is generally easy to train but the overall treatment of the pet must be firm and caring at the same time.


How to Train English Springer Spaniel

Most English Springer Spaniels from top-quality breeders are fine with children, but it is important that they be raised properly and socialized to be comfortable around humans. We will not hesitate to recommend a Springer for your family, but it is always best with a new pet to establish an atmosphere in which the dog understands who is in charge.

Good springer spaniel training begins when the dog is a puppy and this is one factor to keep in mind when you are visiting breeders and looking for your pet. The breeder and you can set the foundation for a happy, well-behaved dog. You want to ask about the bloodlines and the temperament of the parents. In addition, ask to see both parents so you can see for yourself how they act with other dogs and the way in which they interact with you and the breeder.

Most English Springer Spaniels are even-tempered and sociable, even with other dogs. Because this breed is so intelligent and eager to please, it could be easier to train than some other breeds. With this in mind, remember that the Springer was bred as a working dog, accustomed to being outdoors, running, swimming, and staying active.

It would be best not to expect your new Springer to sit and stay quiet for long periods. This dog can become bored, as well as cross when left alone. In fact, some may cause damage to items, not because of being mean-spirited but simply from boredom.


English Springer Spaniel Training Guide


Some obedience training may be necessary because if the English Springer Spaniel is left alone for too long outside they can get “in trouble,” even if this is just jumping into the lake or getting wet and muddy from romping around the open spaces. The Springer may also become a bit aggressive with dogs of the same sex, having a tendency to chase and attack birds, probably as a carryover from their days as hunting and retrieving dogs.

Therefore, it is important to start working with the puppy when young, establishing that you are in control. Set limits for your new pet and let them know what is right and what is wrong.

Although some individual dogs in the breed can be headstrong and may try to take control of a situation if you allow it, most owners have had comfortable relationships with their Springer, especially if they take the time to work with the pet in a challenging and interesting way.

Just try to stay ahead of your English Springer Spaniel in thinking, because they do like to remain active and can be curious dogs. Be sure to ask your breeder for tips on the best methods for housebreaking since the more challenging and unique systems work well with this popular breed.


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