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Ego & Jealousy

In psychoanalysis, ego is the part of the mind that acts according to emotions and impulse. Jealousy is a reaction to the ego’s fear that it does not measure up to others’ accomplishments or is unworthy of the object or person desired.





Ego constantly compares itself with others, determining how it stacks up in terms of talent, appearance, intellect and accomplishments.



Ego’s primary goal is to avoid feeling vulnerable by convincing the individual that her fears are rational and true.



Ego defends itself by either attacking the self through doubts or by attacking others through unfounded accusations.



Possessiveness temporarily soothes the ego by making it feel closer to the person or thing desired, but jealousy quickly arises if that relationship is threatened.



Ego can be ashamed of its jealousy, which increases self-loathing and insecurity. Typical manifestations of vulnerability include illogical reactions to situations, assumptions not based on facts, an inability to spend time alone and obsessing over problems.



Ego can be strengthened or reassured through talking with impartial friends or counselors, finding time to relax in peaceful settings, keeping and reviewing a journal and distancing yourself from the troubling situation.


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