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Eating New Foods on the Road

It is so easy in 2020 even in other countries to never eat local food. American food and restaurants is worldwide now and if you go the right cities you can have McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell and more!

On the domestic side of course you cannot go anywhere without eating at the same restaurants you did at home. So this is my encouragement to tell you to get out and try some of the local color with some easy ways to find good restaurants about the town or city.


Eating New Foods on the Road


Ask the Hotel Desk Worker

Of course they are local and know the good locals places. Even in huge tourist towns with a little conversation they will spill their secrets about the best local bars, restaurants,  and good places to have fun and a good time.


Discard your Travel Guide

Travel guides usually highlight the expensive and the “popular” places and that is not going to gain you access to the local palette.


Watch your Food

This advisory is mostly for international travel. In the United States health regulations are good enough to not worry. But traveling Internationally in non-industrialized nations make sure that you keep an eye on your food and if necessary give a healthy tip to the waiter at the beginning of the meal.


Get Around Town

Some of the best food me and my family have discovered have been  while we’ve been walking or driving about town, we randomly stopped and ate and it turned out to be amazing. There was one notable exception in North Carolina we ate at a place called “Grandma’s Kitchen” and the food did cause us to stop at the McDonald’s on the way out of town!


I hope these tips help you get out and try new foods, people and things, now here is a bottle of stomach meds, and remember to always eat well!


Eating New Foods


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Eating New Foods on the Road


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