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Eating Healthy : Despite the Holidays

Between holiday baking traditions, food gifts, feasts, and parties, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet this time of year.

The good news is, if you plan ahead a little and don’t deny yourself favorites, holiday eating can be reasonably healthy.

Here are some tips to get you through the New Year.


Make Christmas Favorites Healthier

For example, most Christmas cookies can be made with a little whole wheat flour to replace some of the white flour. And butter is an easy – and healthier – substitute for vegetable shortening.


Eat Something Before Parties

Make it healthy and filling, and preferably a protein. Then expect to nibble or eat dessert at the party.


Take Healthy Snacks with You

Whether you’re running around Christmas shopping, visiting friends, or some other holiday activity, think ahead and pack filling, protein-rich snacks like a handful of nuts, string cheese, or cottage cheese.

This simple step will help you avoid eating a quick-to-buy cinnamon roll or other fattening treat.


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Eat Slowly, Savoring Every Bite

You’ll be less likely to over-indulge.


Eating Healthy


Take it Easy on the Alcohol

Not only does it pack it’s own calories, but it will lesson your self control when it comes to food.

When filling your plate, be sure to include generous helpings of vegetables and plenty of protein

Then fill in with other foods – without stacking them onto your plate.


Choose Light Versions of Traditional Holiday Drinks, Like Eggnog and Hot Chocolate

Or fill up on cider instead.


When Eating at your own House, Use Smaller Plates

When eating elsewhere, leave a generous “margin” all along the edge of your plate.


Don’t Stand and Talk Near the Buffet Table

Choose a location that’s much less convenient for eating.


When You do Your Holiday Baking, Give Away All but a Small Amount

Wrapping the goodies as soon as they are cool will help prevent you from sneaking extras.


Be Realistic

Don’t try to loose weight over the holidays – but do make a real effort not to gain weight.


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Eating Healthy Despite the Holidays


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