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Doberman Pinscher Training Guide

This breed is known as extremely intelligent and since the Doberman Pinscher was bred to be a guard dog and watchdog, extra protection training may not be necessary.

A key to having a enjoyable experience with your Doberman is buying a puppy from a reputable trainer who takes the time and makes the effort to properly socialize puppies in the first weeks of their lives.


How to Train Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman is a determined dog, bold, and strong. Therefore, any training you undertake on your own should be done with consistency and firmness. Keep in mind that the Doberman’s personality is such that it will not respond well to physical punishment. For this reason, you should use only positive reinforcement and try to work with this breed’s natural love for people and mental activity.

Your Doberman will most likely be very devoted to you and your family members, and if raised properly by a good breeder, should be a great companion for children. In fact, some owners and breeders say the Training a Doberman Pinscher with the right personality and upbringing will seem like teaching another fun-loving child at times.

Remember that the Doberman can be a bit “pushy” and sometimes assertive if allowed in a position of control of a situation. Interestingly, female Dobermans can be a bit more stubborn during training than males, according to owners and breeders with long experience.

Often thought of as aggressive and even frightening, the Doberman has actually been used as a therapy dog for the ill and for those with physical limitations. This breed has been seen to be very gentle and careful in these situations.


Doberman Pinscher Training Guide


Dobermans, by nature, want to interact with people. Mental stimulation is important to most Dobermans, as well. Some of these dogs are a bit shy personality while others are more assertive, but just about every Doberman Pinscher wants to be around the family and not be left alone for long periods.

There are numerous reports of Dobermans being excellent service dogs, helping people who are ill or in need of help because they are recovering from surgery. Some owners report that their Doberman even “senses” what they need and start into action before getting any command or request for help.

Because of their natural intelligence, the Doberman has been successful in agility competitions and even tracking events. For instance, one Doberman named Cala, won the 2005 National Purina Incredible Dog Challenge by taking first in the 60-weave pole race and trained for a tracking title in 2006.

If you are seriously considering buying a Doberman, or if you have recently added a Doberman to your family, you should be prepared to give your new pet the time and attention you would any member of your family. This breed is a people-pleaser so you should not use too firm a hand in training and correcting problem situations

We suggest making the training and the time you spend exercising a fun and even an adventurous experience. Since the Doberman Pinscher is very intelligent, it will likely not tolerate too much silliness or demands it does not see the need for. If the Doberman believes it is being asked to do something that will please you, he may go beyond what you have asked for.

The best way to train a Doberman might be to stay ahead of him in the thinking department and be willing to change tactics slightly to fit your pet’s personality. The more interesting you can make your time together, the better your Doberman Pinscher will respond.,


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