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Do You Really Need Everything on QVC?

It seems liked some TV host is trying to sell the latest and great kitchen gadgets, from pots with lids full of holes to a machine that cooks a chicken in less than an hour how do those who want a true gourmet lifestyle find their way.

Here are my tips to finding your way among all of these gadgets and to help you live a gourmet lifestyle.


Restaurant Supply Stores

Restaurant Supply Stores

If you want the kind of utensils that the chefs here on OurDeer.com, use you need to find your restaurant supply store and make a list and then go over there armed and ready to spend some money. Restaurant supply stores have good products but it can be expensive so beware of it. Keep in mind that those products will last a lifetime in a normal kitchen.


If Its Too Good

If Its Too Good

A plastic device that cooks chicken in an hour? A pot whose only advancement is a lid full of holes? If you are watching QVC right now then turn it off! Most of these gadgets are just people trying to help people cheat their way out of actually cooking food. In a gourmet lifestyle cooking is part of the fun, adventure and the whole point of being a chef!

These cheating devices cheapen the cooking process and usually don’t work or even break after only a few uses!


Make Use of What You Have

Make Use of What You Have

Big kitchens, small kitchens, state of the art, or just whatever came with the place, often times, like you kitchen gourmet results can be achieved from the kitchen utensils we’ve come to rely on for years and years. A simple whisk, spoon, fork, spatula, can do just fine instead of the latest Gourmet-o-stick.

So remember, check out restaurant supply, rely on your old favorites, and most importantly enjoy the gourmet lifestyle.



Do You Really Need Everything on QVC


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Do You Really Need Everything On QVC?


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