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Do You Really Need Cruise Insurance?

You’re Covered Onboard

Cruise insurance offers you two primary types of protection. Most cruise ships are registered in a foreign country. This means for medical insurance purposes, you are on foreign soil. Many health insurance policies do not cover policyholders on foreign soil.

A cruise insurance policy provides medical coverage while you travel. Additionally a cruise policy may provide you with a money-back guarantee if you must cancel the cruise or if the cruise line cancels the cruise.


Need Cruise Insurance


Can You Afford the Coverage?

Per Cruise Mates, the cost of a standard cruise travel policy costs “five to eight percent of your total trip cost.” If you are one of the fortunate few who has health insurance that does cover you overseas, you may be paying for duplicate medical coverage.

Additionally a cruise policy purchased through the cruise line or agent may fail to cover you if the cruise line or agency goes bankrupt.


Bottom Line

Experts agree that cruise insurance purchased through a third party provides the optimal medical and cruise cancellation coverage.

The decision to purchase the coverage is dependent on your personal tolerance for risk, the cost of the trip and your ability to absorb losses in the event of an onboard illness or accident or in the event the trip is canceled.


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