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Definitions for a Good Boss

While being astute and having business-savvy and industry knowledge are important in any field, a company will benefit far more from a boss who knows how to achieve company goals through positive and effective staff relations and fostering a nurturing work environment.


Good Boss


Authentic Authority and Honesty

A good boss is someone who gains his staff’s respect by being emotionally stable when problems arise — and refrains from loud, power-seeking conduct on a daily basis. He also recognizes the importance of honesty and trustworthiness in the workplace and is honest with his employees.


Encourage Staff Development

A well-trained employee pool benefits a company through flexibility and innovation. A good boss recognizes the value of a fully developed staff and encourages their professional growth and creativity.


Clearly Defined Goals

Communication and leadership skills are mandatory in creating a positive work environment. A good boss possesses exemplary communication skills as well as the ability to guide employees toward clearly defined company goals.


Results-Oriented Management

Employees are more apt to appreciate a boss who affords them some autonomy in their workday. A good boss gains his staff’s trust by refraining from micromanagement and by focusing on work results.


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