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Creative Ways to Propose From Across the World

Long distance relationships are a romantic challenge for any couple, and long distance proposals can present even further problems. Cell phones, video conferencing and internet communications make long distance a little less distant and allow modern proposals to take on many forms.

Your goal should be a romantic moment that will bring you both closer, a memory that you with want to hold into the future and, of course, a yes.

Propose From Across the World


Look to Her Town

Avail yourself with the resources in her town. Flower shops and some gift shops often deliver. Messengers with personal messages offer another unique opportunity. Send flowers as well as gifts.

Plan to utilize any unique options from her town and do not be afraid to overdo it. Schedule a few of these gifts to arrive at the time when you two normally talk. Combine your proposal with one of the special gifts that you have planned, and be in communication with her when it arrives.


Form an Alliance

Use the connections that you have with friends who live close to her. Have a friend them set up a video conference with you on a laptop or cell phone before they go to a romantic local establishment. Instead of a traditional proposal, have the friend propose in your place.

Convince this friend to get on one knee and turn the laptop around to reveal the ring and your image on the screen. This can be particularly powerful when you consider the meaning behind a dear friend giving permission for your marriage.


Surprise Her

Travel to her. Remember to bring your means of communicatiion with you to avoid arousing suspicion regarding your location. Avoid leaving any signs that you have arrived while you are setting up the proposal moment.

Consider using a scavenger hunt to guide your love into your proposal or stage the moment in her home. If she regularly visits a special place in her town, that place could be perfect for you to set up your surprise. Keep your arrival a secret until the moment of the surprise.


Keepsake Proposal

Give her something that allows you both to revisit the proposal as often as you like. Record your proposal on video and include thoughtful additions, such as a special song. Make the recording in a place that was meaningful to you both from a time when you lived closer.


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