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Creative Pregnancy Announcements

Finding out you are expecting a baby is incredibly exciting. Come up with a creative way to announce the pregnancy to your friends and family to let them share in your excitement. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to skywriting or a full-page announcement in “The New York Times,” don’t worry. With a little imagination and effort, you can make your pregnancy announcement memorable.


Creative Pregnancy Announcements


Telling Your Partner

Whether your pregnancy is planned or a surprise, you can have a lot of fun breaking the news to your partner. Write “Good morning, Daddy” in lipstick on the bathroom mirror before he wakes up. Buy a baby accessory or item of clothing, such as a bib, onesie or hat, and pop it into his sports bag or briefcase for him to discover later. Take a picture of your positive pregnancy test and slip it into his jacket pocket before he puts it on, or insert it onto the last page of your wedding photo album and ask him to look through the album with you.


Telling Your Family

Buy gifts for family members as a keepsake of your special announcement. Give brag books to both sets of grandparents with your sonogram photograph as the cover photo. If your baby is going to be the first grandchild in the family, send them “Grandma” and “Grandpa” T-shirts, mugs or candles. Do the same for your siblings with personalized “Auntie” and “Uncle” gifts. Hand out everybody’s gifts at a family gathering, such as Thanksgiving or an anniversary party, to let them all share the special moment.


Telling Your Friends

Let your bump do the talking — even if it’s not showing yet. Create a customized T-shirt with a funny slogan over your belly, such as “Our Little Miracle” or “See you in nine months!” When you visit friends, take your coat off and see how long it takes them to notice your slogan and get the hint. Invite friends over for a party and ask them to gather together for a group photograph. Choose the video function on your camera and say “I’m pregnant!” You’ll love playing the video back to see your friends’ expressions of delight and surprise.


Telling the World

Social media platforms are a great way to announce your pregnancy, and you can guarantee the news will spread like wildfire. Record yourself announcing your pregnancy to your partner and post the clip. Use an image editing website to edit an image of you and your partner.

For example, draw arrows pointing toward your belly and the words “Guess what’s in here?” inside a speech bubble coming out of your partner’s mouth. Post your sonogram photograph to your most active social media profile. Email family and friends the link to your post so they can help you spread the word via their own social media accounts.


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