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Comparison of Trip Insurance

Traveling has its allure: visiting new places, reuniting with old friends and exploring the world outside of your everyday experience. But trips can go awry, whether it’s missed planes, natural disasters, lost luggage or a medical emergency resulting in an earlier-than-anticipated return home.

Hope for smooth sailing, but prepare for complications by purchasing trip insurance, otherwise known as travel insurance. Comparing trip insurance policies can help you determine which package best suits your travel needs. For a comprehensive comparison of trip insurance, know which variables should be examined.

Comparison of Trip Insurance


Medical Care

Some trip insurance policies cover medical care, including emergency medical evacuation, emergency medical care or general health care assistance. Check with your traditional health insurance company; you may already be covered for medical care during short trips.

Otherwise, when comparing trip insurance, look for policies offering adequate medical care.


Cancelled Trips

Comparisons of trip insurance includes an examination of whether cancelled trips are covered. Sometimes last-minute occasions arise that prevent you from taking the trip you’d planned; without cancelled trip insurance you may still be financially liable for plane tickets, hotel rooms and recreational activities that you won’t be able to enjoy.

If your personal or professional circumstances frequently change, you’ll want trip insurance that includes cancellation coverage.



Some travel insurance policies cover instances where disaster prevents you from making your planned trip. This might include natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods or wildfires.

Some trip insurance policies cover other types of disaster, including terrorism, political strife or war. If you’re traveling to a destination not prone to natural disaster or political unrest, this may not be an important factor in your trip insurance comparison. Trip insurance policies can also cover accidental death during your travels.



Some successful trips can be toppled by nuisance rather than natural disaster. Lost or damaged luggage, dented rental cars, missed airplane connections or credit cards lost to a street pickpocket can become a major headache without the right trip insurance.

Coverage for common travel nuisances may vary from carrier to carrier, so look into items that specifically interest you when comparing trip insurance policies.



If you’d rather not assemble factors relating to trip insurance by hand, make a comparison of trip insurance policies that interest you by using websites dedicated to side-by-side comparisons.

Travelers can select which policies they’d like to view and then allow the website to assemble and present the materials for comparison. Quotes presented on trip insurance comparison websites represent live, actual quotes; travelers can then purchase insurance on the spot.


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