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Christmas Gifts for Expecting Mother

The annual task of buying Christmas gifts for family members can be made a bit easier when one of your loved ones is an expecting mother. Whether you choose to give her a gift that is practical or pampering, the combinations of the two happy events of Christmas and a new baby will make for joyful memories.

Christmas Gifts for Expecting



BeHereSoon.com has numerous suggestions for gifts that make the life of an expectant mother easier. One example is belly bands. Belly bands are especially made for pregnant women to solve the problem of their shirts no longer covering their belly. They gently wrap and cover the pregnant woman’s abdominal area so that even if a shirt or blouse now comes up short because of the pregnancy, the abdominal region remains fully covered.

Another popular gift choice for pregnant women are special lotions available to help with abdominal stretch marks. Many of these are fragrant oils that condition the skin. Books are a welcome and practical gift. Books such as “Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy” helps the mother-to-be to understand the stages of pregnancy and answers important questions she might have. A gift that gives month after month is a subscription to magazines for new or expectant mothers. These are helpful resources for the new mom.



Personal gifts that pamper and comfort are wonderful holiday options. Pamperedpregnancy.net is dedicated to the comfort and aid of pregnant women, which is ideal for holiday giving.

They recommend pregnancy pillows, pointing to the fact that as a pregnancy progresses, it becomes more difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep. These are long, flexible pillows that support the mother and her baby for a comfortable sleeping position. Pregnancy journals are a special way to help the future mother record memories of her journey day by day. These journals also allow tracking of weight, abdominal measurements, photos and ultrasounds. This will become a keepsake that she and her child will treasure.


Fun Gifts

Consider gifts that embrace the fun of expecting a baby. For example, a belly impression kit not only gives a good belly laugh, but it also memorializes the blessed event by creating sculpture of the woman’s pregnant belly. The kit was created by Belly Vita, and it makes a cast of the pregnant belly using molds made up fragrant aromatherapy strips that safely conform to the shape and result in a perfect sculpture that can be painted and decorated.

T-shirts are another popular gift for future moms. Some fun choices read, “I’m not fat–I’m pregnant,” and, “Yes, I’m pregnant. No, you can’t touch my belly.”


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