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Can You Get Pregnant If You Miss One Pill?

Miss One Pill


Missing one pill can result in pregnancy, particularly in women who are taking low dosages of birth control medications. Missed pills should be taken as soon as remembered.



Birth control pills are contraceptives that function by preventing ovulation in women. Ovulation is the process by which eggs are released by the ovaries for fertilization by sperm, leading to pregnancy.



Women are recommended to start the pill within five days after their period begins. Taking birth control pills at the same time each day helps an individual remember to take them.



Women missing one pill or frequently skipping pills benefit from using a secondary form of contraception during intercourse and may consider taking a more regulated form of birth control such as the patch.



Typical use of the pill, meaning some missed dosages, result in 8 percent of women becoming pregnant within the first year on the pill.



As noted by UC Davis Health Services, after missing one pill, backup contraception is recommended until seven consecutive birth control pills have been taken to prevent ovulation leading to potential pregnancy.


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