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Can You Get Pregnant a Month After You Had a Baby?

After giving birth, a woman’s body begins to heal and quickly becomes capable of conception once again. Becoming pregnant can happen even within the first postpartum month if no methods of contraception are used.


Get Pregnant a Month



It is possible to become pregnant 2 to 3 weeks after giving birth.



You do not need to be menstruating again in order to get pregnant. Many women will not receive their periods after giving birth for several weeks or even months. There is no correlation between a visible menstrual cycle and the ability to get pregnant after giving birth.



Many doctors recommend abstaining from sexual intercourse for 6 weeks after vaginal delivery. This is to allow ample time for the uterus, cervix and vagina to heal.


Risk of Infection

If the body has not had a chance to heal properly after the strenuous act of labor, it can become more prone to infection and bleeding.



Women who breastfeed their babies after giving birth are able to conceive another child within a month of delivery. Although breastfeeding naturally reduces fertility, it does not work as a fail-safe contraception method.


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