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Can One Have a Period When Pregnant?

Maybe your period was two or three weeks late and similarly as you were going to take that pregnancy test, you’ve begun spotting. Or maybe you already got a plus sign on a pregnancy test but this morning you started having bleeding that seems just like your period. There are many facts on the relationship between periods, bleeding and pregnancy.


Period When Pregnant


Period facts

Your period happens when your body sheds an unfertilized egg (alongside unused uterine coating) in a month to month stream. Once you are pregnant, your body contains a fertilized egg that has attached to the lining of your uterus, which sends a signal to your body to stop releasing eggs and start providing 24-hour nutrition for the developing fetus.


Confirm Your Pregnancy

Take a home pregnancy test if you experience period-like bleeding and don’t know if you’re pregnant or not. This test checks your urine for the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone your body produces only during pregnancy.


Bleeding During Pregnancy

Pregnancy bleeding is fairly common, with statistics from the American Pregnancy Association showing that up to 30 percent of pregnant women experience bleeding or vaginal spotting in the first trimester of pregnancy.



Period-like seeping during an affirmed pregnancy may have a few potential causes, remembering implantation of the prepared egg for the covering of your uterus, ectopic (pregnancy that joins in an area outside of your uterus), or an unnatural birth cycle (unconstrained loss of the pregnancy).



Contact your obstetrician or midwife immediately if you experience bleeding or vaginal spotting during a confirmed pregnancy, especially if you also have abdominal or pelvic pain, cramping, nausea, faintness or other unusual pain.


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